American Apparel® ft. Mulga Limited Tees Turn Heads at Bluesfest

American Apparel® ft. Mulga Limited Tees Turn Heads at Bluesfest

Posted by Gildan Brands | Gabriela Rocha on 10th Apr 2024

American Apparel®'s booth at the 35th anniversary of Bluesfest in Byron Bay.

On the back of American Apparel®’s red-hot relaunch, we took the brand to the 35th anniversary of Bluesfest, held this year from March 28th to April 1st in Byron Bay. The festival was a star-studded event where music and good vibes converged - and we had to bring a touch of fashion into the mix.

We couldn't resist immersing ourselves in the celebration of culture. As we step into a new era, embracing creativity, urban style, and authenticity, American Apparel® is right there, providing a platform for people to express themselves through fashion, art, music, or whatever ignites their passion. And that's precisely what transpired at our electrifying live print activation at Bluesfest, featuring an exclusive collaboration with renowned Aussie artist Mulga.

Our pop-up was truly one-of-a-kind, injecting vibrant hues into the festival with a massive container at the heart of Bluesfest. From murals to skateboards, Mulga has left his mark, now showcasing his captivating colourful designs on the iconic American Apparel® tees.

Pocket patches designed by Mulga for American Apparel®. 

Come rain or shine, festival goers had the opportunity to customise their own Limited Edition T-shirt and be part of our return to the Aussie landscape. It was a scene of excitement and creativity, with long queues stretching over the five days of the festival and our team delivering their best in the tee-making process.

How to get your #AAxMulga. 

With a choice of 10 pocket patches and three stunning back designs, attendees rolled their sleeves up and got hands-on to craft their very own #AAxMulga tee. From kids to adults, everyone got in on the action! Adding to the buzz, we hosted a giveaway where those who tagged us with their amazing creations had a chance to win Bluesfest VIP tickets, elevating this unforgettable experience to another level.

American Apparel®’s new era brings with it a fresh collection, a new retail website and countless possibilities to keep crafting the culture together — with our moment at Bluesfest marking one of many exciting opportunities to leave a bold impression.