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Brands Rewards.

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Rewards Points

Welcome to Gildan Brands Rewards! Earn Rewards Points by simply shopping and making purchases on our site and redeem them to save on future purchases. You won't want to miss members only offers, special promotions and award points earning events (up to 5x points).

If you have a Gildan Brands wholesale account, you will automatically start accumulating points once logged in, and be able take advantage of the members benefits.

Note: Retail customers not eligble for the rewards program.

Earning points is easy.
$1 spent = 1 x Reward point

Simply sign into your Gildan Brands wholesale account and start shopping. You can track your points via the rewards widget. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can redeem and spend on items from our store.

Accumulate to save money

Gildan Brands Rewards points can be redeemed in increments of 500 points, so you can start redeeming them once you have earned enough points. Each 500 point increment equals $10.

How to redeem points?

1. Sign into your Gildan Brands wholesale Account.

2. Click on the offers & redemption tab in the rewards widget (bottom left of screen).

3. Select the available product you want to redeem and a new discount coupon code will be generated.

4. You can apply discount code to your shopping cart (from shopping cart screen).

Read our step by step explainer on how to redeem points - click here

Note: Points accumulated during the calendar year must be used by 31st December. Points will not roll over to the new year.