Creating positive impact: How t-shirts facilitate fundraising efforts and initiatives

Creating positive impact: How t-shirts facilitate fundraising efforts and initiatives

14th Jun 2022

During times of natural disasters, people want to help communities in need. In addition to donating money, they often want to donate their time and resources but may not necessarily know how to get involved and make a meaningful impact. One way that individuals can help is by selling t-shirts to raise funds for relief efforts. This is an excellent way for individuals to get involved and make a difference in their community.

With recent bushfires and flooding disasters in Australia, we have seen a rise in the amount of good being done in the community through t-shirt fundraisers and events.

The process of creating a t-shirt fundraiser is simple. Here are some tips on how to sell t-shirts:

Choose a T-shirt Design

The first step in creating your fundraiser is choosing the design for your t-shirts. It’s important that you choose an artwork that represents your cause as clearly as possible. This will help ensure that people know exactly what your cause is about when they see it on your shirt.

PICTURED: QLD Flood relief fund raising t-shirt mock-up (left). Social media post with tagged accounts (right).

Choose a blank canvas

Next you will have to select a blank t-shirt to print on. With so many styles and options it can be a difficult decision. One approach is to simply choose a quality, economical and versatile option such as the Gildan Heavy Cotton 5000. This 100% cotton t-shirt has a classic uni-sex fit available in S – 5XL sizes with over 30 colours available, enough to cater for all body shapes and design colours.

Print & Sell T-Shirts Online

Now that you have chosen the design and canvas for your shirts, it’s time to start selling them! An increasingly popular way to sell your T-shirts is through a pre-sale via your social media channels. To reach as many people as possible, you may want to collaborate and partner with other individuals or businesses with large audiences, who can support your fundraiser by posting the campaign on their channels. Once you finalise pre-sale orders you can continue to send your order to print without the need to hold inventory (print on demand).

Create and share content

Now that your t-shirts are out in the community, encourage those customers to post content on their channels in support of the fund raiser. Re-sharing content on your account will draw more attention and gratitude to your fund-raising campaign and likely end up in more support through more t-shirt orders.

In conclusion, this campaign is a great way to raise money for various charities and organizations working locally to help families and communities in these disaster areas. It's a grassroots fundraising effort that you can be a part of, something bigger than yourself. The power to help others through these difficult times is only an order away.