American Apparel® Steals the Show at the 2024 Shure Rolling Stone Australia Awards

American Apparel® Steals the Show at the 2024 Shure Rolling Stone Australia Awards

Posted by Gildan Brands | Gabriela Rocha on 10th Apr 2024

American Apparel® is back to Australia and New Zealand markets. 

Following the 2024 Shure Rolling Stone Australia Awards on the 26th of March, the excitement of the event continues to resonate with us. It wasn't just about the incredible performances, glamorous red carpet looks, and the buzz of industry insiders; it also marked a new chapter for American Apparel®.

Alongside the celebration of Australian music's finest, American Apparel® shone offstage with an engaging live print activation that stole the show. Our brand's pop-up event allowed guests to personalise American Apparel® tees with stunning designs by local artist Sindy Sinn, who brilliantly captured our essence in artwork showcasing that Icons Never Fade.

Icons Never Fade. 

With options for customisation on both the front and back of the shirt, attendees eagerly lined up throughout the night to create their own branded merch as a memorable souvenir of the evening. The event was a hit, underscoring our commitment to a fresh and forward-thinking style with 800 people in attendance.

American Apparel® live print activation at 2024 Shure Rolling Stone Awards.

This activation signals American Apparel's reintroduction to the Australian and New Zealand markets accompanied by the announcement of a dynamic online retail store and an exciting new 2024 collection earlier in the year. From being a wardrobe staple worldwide to solidifying its place in pop culture history, American Apparel® is ready to reaffirm its status as an iconic premium fashion brand.

American Apparel® tees with striking designs by Sindy Sinn.

Long respected for its classic tees and quality clothing items that prioritise ethical production and affordability, American Apparel's legacy lives on. Now, the brand is entering a new era, re-establishing its cultural presence with premium designs and a series of creative initiatives such as this unforgettable one at the Rolling Stone Awards.

Beyond this remarkable night, fans of the brand had another opportunity to grab a custom tee at a similar activation hosted at the 35th annual Bluesfest in Byron Bay last weekend of March. And that's just the beginning, because we’re back: Bigger, Bolder, and Better than ever.

American Apparel®, the iconic original.